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Adult Classes

Here at Stars English School, we understand that everyone has a different reason to study English, and that everyone is at a different level of ability. We offer group and private lessons at a fair price. Whether it be for business, travel or just a fun hobby, we offer tailored lessons to suit your individual needs. If you are shy or worried about coming alone, why not bring a friend along with you to a group lesson. Group lessons are a little cheaper at just ¥10,000 per student for four 50 minute lessons.
If you would prefer to come alone, private lessons are ¥13,200. 
Below are a number of examples of adult courses/classes that we offer.You are welcome to bring in your own textbook and/or other materials if you so wish.

Harue and Tomoko.

Harue and Tomoko were both a little nervous when it came to speaking English, so they preferred to be in a group class together. They both enjoyed a more relaxed lesson with no textbook, but plenty of fun and free conversation. Tomoko had business connections in the UK, so I would help her with emails and paperwork. Harue would sometimes volunteer with a charity, and used English on a recent trip to the Phillipines, where she was part of a volunteer group that built a school in a poor region of the country.

No Joining Fee!


Koichiro was a private student of mine for 5 years. He preferred to bring his own materials to class. He would cut out English news articles from The Daily Yomiuri and work through a dictionary with me. Koichiro had to write a monthly news letter in English as part of his job. 

Improve Your English for Everyday Use.

This is a fantastic textbook for expanding vocabulary. The book covers many everyday items that will be commonly spoken of during your day to day conversations.


Improve Your English for everyday Use is priced at ¥1,700

Recommended for intermediate/higher students.

True Stories.

The Easy True Stories series are a great way for students to improve their reading and to expand their vocabulary. Interesting real life tales are accompanied by challenging activities that increase in difficulty as you progress through the book(s).

Book 1. 14 Units (84 pages) at beginner level. Estimated time to complete book: 14 weeks.

Book 2. 20 Units (80 pages) at beginner level. Estimated time to complete book: 20 weeks.

Book 3. 22 Units (88 pages) at beginner/intermediate level. Estimated time to complete book: 22 weeks.

Book 4. 22 Units (88 pages) at intermediate level. Estimated time to complete book: 22 weeks.

Book 5. 16 Units (136 pages) at higher level. estimated time to complete book: 32 weeks.

The True Stories textbooks vary in price from ¥2,000 - ¥4,300


Like to travel? Heading to Hawaii or Guam for a vacation? Heading to Australia or New Zealand for a homestay?

The Passport English textbook series will help you to learn common words, phrases and conversations that you will have during your stay overseas. This textbook covers conversations at the airport, on the plane, in the hotel and other situations where English may be required during your trip.

Passport Student Workbook is priced at ¥1,200

Passport Student Book is priced at ¥2,600

Recommended for beginner/intermediate students.


Yuriko is a current student at Stars English School. Yuriko writes a weekly diary and is working through the textbook 'Improve Your English for Everyday Use'.


Ryushi joined us at Stars English School in May. He is a medical student that is working through a college textbook: Conversations for Medical Professionals.

Business Sense

Business Sense is a textbook for all the business men and women out there in the big city. Designed with TOEIC and TOEFL in mind, this book has 15 interesting units made up of 400 word articles about such things as influential people, leading companies in the business world and other business trends/events. You will learn

the necessary vocabulary (Business English) and phrases that are common tongue in business circles.

Business Sense is priced at ¥2,100 and is accompanied by a CD for listening practice.

Recommended for beginner/intermediate students.

Key Business Skills

Key Business Skills is another textbook for those who want to improve their Business English. A great textbook for those having to use English within their company offices on a daily basis.

You will learn the necessary skills that are required for networking, presentations, meetings and negotiations.

Key Business Skills is priced at ¥3,300 and is accompanied by an MP3 CD for listening practice.

Small Talk is priced at ¥2,200

Recommended for higher students.

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